Training Discover & Improve your Team

Do you want your team to discover and unlock untapped potential? And that your team is better capable of identifying and confronting problems? Enable your team to develop and achieve their collective goals for succes? And that there is a continious improvement in relationships and productivity?
Then this teamtraining is the answer.

We know that your team can do better. In this training, Discover & Improve Your Team, the team will learn how to maximise their effectiveness. It is designed to explore what the strenghts and weaknesses are in a very constructive and inspirational way.

We will use the Insights Discoverymodel to discover the full potential of colour energies available. From the Insights Team Effectiveness Model we will learn how effective the team is in four key areas of functioning: Focus, Process, Climate and Flow.
From now on the team members will understand themselves better and understands others better. Also they will be capable to adapt and connect more easily with their environment.

Discover & Improve your Team

Prijs: afhankelijk van het aantal dagdelen

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Trainingsduur Discover & Improve your TeamTrainingsduur

In overleg, minimaal 1 dag. Informeer naar de online mogelijkheden.

Tijden Discover & Improve your TeamTijden
In overleg.
Deelnemers Discover & Improve your TeamAantal deelnemers
Teamleden en hun direct leidinggevende.
Competenties Discover & Improve your TeamCompetenties
Discover & Improve your Team